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Great trash can liners for restaurants, delis, bakeries, schools, and more! Made in the USA. Ships fast. PLUS we are less expensive than COSTCO!'s Stock Trash Liners

FDA Approved, 100% Recycled bags!
Mix and match sizes to achieve quantity discounts! (1-10 cases) (11-25 cases)
PP33391.2 33x39 1.2mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct $18.95 $16.95
PP33391.5 33x39 1.5mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct $20.95 $17.95
PP2317461.2 23x17x46 1.2mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $29.95 $26.95
PP451.5trash 23x17x46 1.5mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $32.95 $29.95
PP2317441.7 23x17x46 1.7mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $36.95 $34.95
PP551.2trash 22x14x52 1.2mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $33.95 $30.95
PP2214521.5 22x14x52 1.5mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $34.95 $31.95
PP2214521.7 22x14x52 1.7mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $38.95 $35.95
PP2214522 22x14x52 2.0mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $43.95 $40.95
        1.2mil = HEAVY       
        1.5mil = XH       
        1.7mil = XXH       
        2.0 mil = XXXH       
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Signature Packaging Line for Holiday 2015

Stunning Bags, Boxes, and Bows for your business! Our Signature Packaging line includes everything for gift packaging, gourmet and event food packaging, retail bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift basket supplies for the Holidays and everyday.


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Now Available - Supermarket Trays

Supermarket deli produce foam trays


Supermarket Trays

Pactiv’s Foam Supermarket Trays are made in a wide variety of colors and sizes to provide the right display for your products. From small trays to large trays and wide trays to narrow ones, you can be certain that AvisBag has the right tray to meet your special needs.



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Full Color Glossy Business Cards $25

Full color business cards at

Full Color Business Printing - Cheaper AND better quality than our competitors!!

Did you know we print custom business cards, postcards, menus & more - cheaper than Vistaprint?


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2015 Signature Retail Packaging

Our new Signature Packaging Line for 2015 is here! Perfect for gift packaging, retail packaging, and event packaging. Includes paper and plastic shoppers, gourmet food packaging, boxes, tissue and wrapping paper, bows, and special event packaging - ALL CUSTOM PRINTABLE WITH YOUR LOGO!

Check it out on our interactive online catalog here

Or download and print it out here.


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Recommend-A-Friend Program

Recommend a friend and you both get $25 to spend! Tell your friend to give your email address/company name when they call.

  1. Give them this code: [recofriend25] to enter at check-out or give over the phone.
  2. Tell them to include YOUR email or company name in the order comments or to our sales department.
  3. When we get word, we'll add a coupon to the referring account and you can use it on YOUR next order. NO expiration date either!

Both parties must be registered and have an account with us to qualify. But that's simple, just sign up on the website, it costs nothing, and comes with benefits ;)


Want to save some more? Each follow qualifies for an additional code (to use one at a time) -

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Produce Packaging & Retail Merchandising Experts -

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Members Only - $10 Off Coupon For Reviewing A Product
Review a product that you've purchased from us - get rewarded!
As a thank you for taking the time, we'd like to offer you a discount coupon for $10 off your next purchase. You can also share this code with a friend so they can benefit too! (Minimum purchase is only $49 dollars before shipping).
Example: click on the purchased item link in you order history to review while logged in to your account. If you're not registered please register at the same link above.
1 bushel apple box review
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