Custom Printed Retail Bags - General Information

By bag type: Low Density T-shirt bag, soft loop and folded loop Shoppers, Paper SOS bag with or w/o gusset, Carry Out foodservice bags, Die-cut or Patch handle Merchandise bag, Poly drawstring, Cotton drawstring, or Shoulder tote bag, Snap lock bridge handle rigid plastic handle bag, High Density T-shirt bag, Rope handle or twisted paper handle Shopping bag, gift bag, and Euro Totes.

Depending on the style of bag and material either hot stamping, ink printing or both are available. Each bag is priced differently and plate charges differ. Check our Custom Printed Bags page to see pricing.
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Low Density T - Shirt Bags

            Key Benefits

Made in the USA

Excellent Lead Times, 2 to 4 weeks from approved artwork

Up to 4 color 1 side or 2 color 2 sides

High gloss material

On wickets upon request

Great tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier properties




Square heat sealed bottom
Bottom cardboard available
Large capacity side gusset



SOS/ BOTTOM GUSSET           SOS     

Key Benefits
Rigid molded handle 
Thick colored coordinated handles
Top and bottom cardboard on bag with square heat sealed bottom 
Top cardboard on bag with no bottom gusset



Key Benefits
Available with Die-cut, SOS and Soft-Loop Handles
Sizes coincide with single or multiple tray configurations
Bottom cardboard available 





Great General merchandise bag
Patch handle gives added strength
Side / Bottom gussets



Key Benefits
User friendly easy close top
Economic easy close poly draw, great for laundry bag
Convenient shoulder tote is often reused stretching your advertising dollar 
Ropes available in cotton or plastic, 3mm thick


Key Benefits
Available in either 10in square or 10in round handles
Comfortable rigid handle prevents bunching of image
Ideal for trade shows


Key Benefits
Low cost alternative to other T-shirt bags
Matte finish
High strength
A thinner gauge material to lower bag and freight costs and reduce storage requirements


Key Benefits
High class image perfect for boutique / jewelry store application
Strong top and bottom cardboard
Ropes are available in plastic or cotton, 18in long 5mm thick

32in shoulder length ropes are available 



All purchase orders should specify the following: quantity, bag style, size, gauge, film color, ink color(s) and number of sides to be printed, handle color (if applicable), print position and shipping instructions.  All orders are acknowledged by fax with signature.



Less than minimum quantities are not available.  Case minimums. Quantities that fall in- between price breaks will be billed at the higher price.



Normal production time is 10-12 weeks for imported items, 4-6 weeks for domestic items and 1-3 weeks for post-printed items, subject to seasonal variations.  Orders for a specific dated event must be discussed with AvisBag beforehand and duly noted on the purchase order.  Air shipments may be required to meet the deadlines of such orders, at the customer expense.  All other orders have approximate ship dates and every effort will be made to fulfill these dates.  Merchandise must be accepted whether or not these dates are achieved.



Any non-metallic PMS ink color is available at an extra charge on all imported and most domestic products.  For metallic ink quotations and for post-printed ink colors, please call.



AvisBag specializes in custom packaging.  Products and sizes listed in this catalog represent a cross-section of our most popular products.  Please feel free to contact us for assistance in problem solving, for quotes on any items not listed, and for special quotes on larger quantities.



Due to the nature of bag manufacturing and the flexographic printing process, all orders are subject to an overrun or underrun.  Invoices will reflect the actual number of bags shipped.  Any special restrictions (absolute minimum requirements, etc.) must be arranged in advance.

On orders of less than 25M     +/- 25%

            On orders of 25M to 49M +/- 20%

On orders of 50M to 99M +/- 15%

On orders of 100M or more +/- 10%



We carry a wide assortment of stock bags in a variety of styles and sizes, for immediate

shipment.  All of our stock goods are sold in single case minimums and are pre-treated for post-

printing. Check out our extensive stock bag inventory at



All prices are FOB our factories in USA.  All shipments will be billed as “prepay”, unless specified on purchase order.  Normal routing is via common carrier or UPS ground.  Third party billing is available upon request.



Weights listed in our catalog are approximate.  AvisBag cannot be responsible for differences in actual freight versus quoted freight charges.



AvisBag can help with some time delay shipments.  Arrangements must be made prior to placing the order.  Please call for specific terms and conditions.



New customers should include a 60% deposit.  The balance will be billed at before order is shipped. Terms are issued for subsequent orders incumbent upon credit approval.  For immediate processing, your order can be charged to your credit card.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.



No charge for random product samples in reasonable quantities.  Samples are sent via regular first class mail or regular UPS ground.



All charges incurred up to the time of cancellation (i.e.: artwork, plates, or other material and/or labor costs) will be billed accordingly.



All shipments should be inspected upon receipt.  Missing or damaged cartons must be noted on the delivery receipt.  No returns will be accepted without

prior authorization.  Only non-imprinted bags can be returned.  A 15% restocking fee applies as well as original and return freight charges.






Print may come within ½ inch of bottom and sides and within ¾ inch of the lowest part of the handle attachment or die cutout.  Full bleed printing (edge to edge) is also available.  Please contact AvisBag for pricing. (Not applicable to post-printing)



Prior approval of artwork is required for 4-color process printing.  Higher minimums and special quotations are required.  Please contact AvisBag for details.



Orders requiring color or copy changes within the run will incur special charges. Minimum quantity per change is 3000 pieces.



Some bags will be printed with a small, solid rectangular box in the lower corner of one side of the bag.  This box, or eye mark, helps assure the accuracy of bag size during manufacturing.



Please include necessary traps allowing for the overprint of 2 or more colors with tight registration, to allow for press movement.  Designs with tighter registration than those listed below must be pre-approved. 

  • Post-Print Ink Printing: Colors must be separated by at least ½”.
  • Post-Print Foil Hot Stamping: Colors must be separated by at least 1/8”.
  • Domestic In-Line Printing: Trapping space must be at least 1/8” to allow for color movement.
  • Import In-Line Printing: Trapping space must be at least 1/16” to allow for color movement. 



Submitted artwork should be camera-ready and color separated to correct imprint size.  Photocopies, faxes and business cards are not camera-ready and will require artist services.  Where camera-ready artwork is not available, or any work is needed to bring art to camera-ready quality, artwork will be billed at $30.00 per hour with a $30.00 minimum charge.  Digital artwork (disk or e-mail) is now preferred.

  • One-color camera-ready artwork means a clean, sharp, black and white composition on glossy paper, in actual image size, that requires no touch-up.
  • Multi-color camera-ready artwork means separated compositions for each color, all accurately sized.



  • Artwork must be color separated to exact imprint size, 300 DPI, including fonts.
  • A hard copy printout of all digital and e-mail art should accompany the purchase order.
  • Acceptable artwork formats are: e-mail, CD-rom.
  • Acceptable artwork programs are: Adobe Illustrator CS 2 or later, CorelDraw 9.0 or later, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or later. EPS files prefered.
  • For best results, we prefer VECTOR ART created in Adobe Illustrator.  To expedite production, please convert your typeface to outlines in order to assure exact replication of all fonts.
  • Please include a listing of files that pertain to your job if disk has more than one job on it.
  • All screens need to be printed up to a maximum of 50 lines for domestic production and up to a maximum of 65 lines for import production (using flexographic or rubber plates).  A 20% to 40% maximum screen is required since anything higher tends to fill-in as a solid. **Note: Some bags do NOT allow screens**
  • Screens can be printed up to 120 lines using rotogravure (metal) plates, at an additional cost. (Import only)
  • You are solely responsible for the content of the files submitted and understand that they will be imaged as you have saved them. You agree to pay for them, regardless of their content and appearance.  AvisBag assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any graphic material, delay in production, lost revenue or other consequential damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Call for current plate charges

Note: Plate charges are estimations only and are not considered official until we are in possession of the artwork.  Actual plate charges will be noted on the pre-production proof.



On new orders, a black and white paper proof is sent via fax, which must be signed and returned before production can begin.  Questions on art and plate charges should be settled before proof is approved.  Lead time begins after proof approval.

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