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    New Low Prices On Stock Trash & Can Liners

    Great trash can liners for restaurants, delis, bakeries, schools, and more! Made in the USA. Ships fast. PLUS we are less expensive than COSTCO!

 's Stock Trash Liners

    FDA Approved, 100% Recycled bags!
    Mix and match sizes to achieve quantity discounts! (1-10 cases) (11-25 cases)
    PP33391.2 33x39 1.2mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct $18.95 $16.95
    PP33391.5 33x39 1.5mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct $20.95 $17.95
    PP2317461.2 23x17x46 1.2mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $29.95 $26.95
    PP451.5trash 23x17x46 1.5mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $32.95 $29.95
    PP2317441.7 23x17x46 1.7mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct $36.95 $34.95
    PP551.2trash 22x14x52 1.2mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $33.95 $30.95
    PP2214521.5 22x14x52 1.5mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $34.95 $31.95
    PP2214521.7 22x14x52 1.7mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $38.95 $35.95
    PP2214522 22x14x52 2.0mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct $43.95 $40.95
            1.2mil = HEAVY       
            1.5mil = XH       
            1.7mil = XXH       
            2.0 mil = XXXH       

    Family owned business on Long Island, New York for 30 years!! 

    Shop our large inventory of packaging products and styles. We cater to the agricultural, food service industry, and small business owners, and pledge top-notch customer service with integrity. Click the menu to start shopping; in-stock items ship fast! We sell packaging at retail and large quantity wholesale prices.

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    We can custom print your logo, company name, or product information on almost everything we offer (custom printed twist ties, custom printed tags, and hot-stamped pie boxes and custom cartons). Design Your Own small businesses materials at our print shop.

     Custom printed small business supplies: Labels, envelopes, tags, cards, forms, calendars, and promotional items.

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